About us

…In a world where talent moves fast….

We live in a world of change!

These changes and challenges have influenced clients buying habits over the past decade. We have experienced down markets and some positive upturns but one thing has remained constant…Clients still want to attract the best talent possible to their organisation to help them achieve their professional and financial goals…this will stay the same throughout all time. Human capital and talent is the backbone to any great company.

Progresso Search was established to partner with clients and provide them with a consultative solution on attracting and retaining top talent in the market place.  Not only is it important to bring on new talent that will by default bring fresh ideas and can often reinvigorate a team but you must also retain the top people you already have in place..

3 key principles that form a strong and collaborative foundation

EXPERTISE – “expert skill or knowledge in a particular field”

INTEGRITY – “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”

PASSION –  “having, showing, or caused by strong feelings or beliefs.”

We tailor our services to meet your current needs – Which we know and expect to change.

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