Employee Benchmarking Projects

Employee Benchmarking Projects

“….in a world where talent moves fast…”

With the world of business changing so fast, it is almost impossible for a company to produce an accurate salary survey that is not out of date before it is published and lands on your desk.

Many clients want a bespoke service that gives them the edge on retaining existing talent in their business and cuts down the costs of bringing on new professionals which is both costly and time consuming.

At Progresso Search we believe in a more tailored approach and making sure that information you receive is relevant and specific to your actual team. You are invited to call upon our years of experience to understand your current team and the dynamics of individuals to provide you with a realistic salary expectation for your employees based around specifics such as

These factors along with many more contribute to a current employeest market value if they were to start looking outside your business. If you have this knowledge you may be in a position to retain existing talent and ensure that you as a business are matching your competitors with salary and packages.

“If you would like to enquire about this valuable service please contact me as I would be delighted to see how I can support you”

Paul Forrest
Managing Director

Note: This service may incur a charge depending on the scale and detail you require.

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