Executive / Retained Search

Executive / Retained Search

Progresso Search regards Retained and Executive Search as a way to work fully integrated with a client and provides them with a service of a superior nature. Every client has different requirements and needs, so our detailed search plan is tailored for each assignment. But be assured that throughout the process you will only experience the highest standard of service and be fully updated during the journey.

The Journey

Step 1

Initial Consultation

It is essential for us to develop a thorough understanding of the scope of the position as well as the responsibilities and fit of the desired professional. With this in mind Our search process commences with detailed discussions with you and other key stakeholders within your organization, ideally this will be face to face. Finding the ideal professional for you is more than just matching skills and duties, it involves us getting an understanding of your culture, beliefs and company strategic goals.

Step 2

Position Definition

Once Step 1 is completed we will revert back to you with a full candidate summary and specification to ensure we have grasped the key elements for the Search. We will use this as a template for discussions with potential candidates and as a way to entice passive candidates onto the market and interested in your company.

Step 3

Search Strategy

Our search strategy will be tailored depending on the specific role, qualification and rarity of the desired candidate. As the client you will play a part in defining the strategy and the various options available for attracting the talent you need. This may be a very targeted specific strategy or it could be a wider search which casts the net on the market to attract active as well as passive candidates

Step 4

Research & Identification

This is a crucial part of any Search plan and often this step will lead to the success of the assignment. As a business we will use a variety of techniques to and methods cast the net and attract candidates, this may include targeted advertising or specific headhunting as an example. We will develop a target list of organizations where key candidates are likely to be found. Then through various methods we will identify individuals that we expect to match your criteria.

Step 5

Candidate Approach

This is the important stage is where we will approach candidate confidentially on your behalf and articulate your opportunity to them. In my experience, this is where years of experience help you to gain the trust of the candidate that may have not been looking originally. We will discuss you company and opportunity in a professional manner and one that is honest and accurate. This is crucial as you do not want to attract the wrong level of professional.

Step 6

Interview & Evaluation

Structured interviews are held with potential candidates to assess their suitability and level of interest. This step allow us to identify the best possible fit within your culture and organisation, and at this stage we can also ask any qualifying questions that the client has requested.

Step 7

Selection & Presentation

After interviews have been completed, a short-list of candidates are selected and presented to our client. We prefer when possible to meet and discuss these candidates face to face so we can explain our findings and reasons for submitting them for interview. After consultation with the client regarding this information, we will arrange first stage meetings as soon as possible.

Step 8

Client Interviews

At Progresso Search we work closely with both Client and Candidate during this important process. We relay feedback, positive and negative from both parties to ensure that all areas are covered and both parties feel this stage was a professional and well organised experience. This will reflect well on all parties concerned and make sure that there are no unexpected surprises at the final stage. It is crucial that at this stage we have very open and honest conversations. Following these meetings is when the ideal candidate is identified.

Step 9

Negotiation & Closure

This is another stage where experience plays a key role. If we have covered all previous stages of the search plan then the negotiating and closure of the assignment should not pose many problems. At least not any that you were unaware of ! We will work closely with you using our position as an intermediary to assist in designing a compensation package to satisfy all parties involved. In this changing world top talent is in demand and they may have a number of options, we will go the extra mile to ensure you are aware of all factors at play and use our experience to close the assignment in your favour. At Progresso Search, we also go through resignation process scenarios with the candidate to ensure they are prepared for resigning from their existing position. We will talk them through the probability of a counter offer from their existing client and “ Hold their hand “ through the process.

Step 10

Follow-up & Feedback

The search process does not end for us at Progresso Search when a candidate accepts the client’s offer. It is crucial to work with you to make sure the candidate has as smooth as possible transition into your business and their new career. We will encourage you as a client to continue communication and even an informal meeting during the notice period. This ensures the candidate stays positive and commences their new position in your company in a smooth and professional manor. Once in place and started successfully with you, we will stay in touch periodically to make sure they are happy and that there are no issues that we need to bring to your attention. We would also like to meet with you during this time.

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