What our clients say:

Jason Porter – Senior VP of Global Growth – CAYUSE (Global SAAS Research Platform)


It is with great pleasure that I recommend Paul Forrest and his team for their exceptional recruitment services. Our partnership over the past 2 years has been a critical part of my team’s success in growing our international sales and operations business. After working with dozens of recruiting firms over my career, I can confidently say Paul and his team are among the very best firms I have ever worked with.

Paul is an invaluable partner in navigating the complexities of expanding into new markets. Their expertise in talent acquisition and keen understanding of the global landscape played a pivotal role in assembling a highly skilled and diverse team crucial to our international endeavours.

Moreover, their professionalism, responsiveness, and commitment to delivering results on time and within our specified parameters are unquestioned. I have found Paul’s team has filled roles faster, with higher quality people, than other firms I work with. Additionally, candidates have shared they find the Paul’s team excellent to work with and very thorough in their follow up during the recruiting process.

I highly recommend Paul to any organization looking to build a strong, talented, and cohesive team to drive success.

Ryan Ward – CRO – BLUESOURCE (Software Vendor/IT Support)

I have been working with Paul and his team for approx 4 years now and have been thoroughly impressed about their approach, attitude and willingness to help me fill the roles that I have been recruiting for. They are patient and diligent about the process I want to follow, add value to the search on suggesting candidates that meet the brief and work hard to ensure we have the best candidates in front of us for each search.

They follow up on all aspects of the search and I never feel pushed into making a decision based on the fact that they get a success fee. If it doesn’t feel right, they keep going to ensure it does feel right and thats a really strong quality from a head hunting firm. I go to them first with my needs and seldom have to seek alternatives. Keep up the great work Paul and the team, delighted to be working with you on my current and future requirements.


Rob Hughes – Vice President Marketing – AUTOMATION ANYWHERE (Global RPA/SAAS Business)

I have worked with Paul over the past ten years on multiple projects with three different firms.

There are many good recruitment people in the world of key skills but there are only a few great ones. This is such a critical component for every successful company that has been reduced to a ‘resources’ description and largely a numbers game. Paul understands how important the skills are with the right personalities to make a team hum.

He helped me to build a team of brilliant minds at Automation Anywhere, who were instrumental in driving to a valuation of nearly $7bn in 4 years. He managed to find the best people possible in most situations and became a key member of the companies skills acquisition strategy.


Ben Keith – UK Director – SIMPLE (Martech SAAS Platform)

The quality of service we get from Progresso Search is awesome! Paul and Jonas do a great job of combining their industry experience and contacts with a focus on developing a recruitment profile that connects with the people we need. As a result, the candidates they put forward are always excellent!


Leo Hehir – General Manager APAC – CAYUSE (Global SAAS Research Platform)


I’ve been recruited by Progresso Search and used them to help recruit key roles for Cayuse. Firstly, the quality of candidates has been very high with a good variety of skills and experience. The support provided throughout the process has been excellent and the team is professional, thorough and resourceful. Have referred them to a number of colleagues who have been able to fill roles which they previously struggled to attract suitable candidates for


Ana Esteves – Senior HR Manager EMEA – NewAge Inc (Global Organic/Health Product Distributor)

As a client, I had the distinct pleasure of working with Paul and Progresso Search for over five years. Their service growth and adaptability were remarkable, starting with Paul’s exceptional role in sourcing multilingual talents for our call center operations, and later expanding his expertise to Marketing, Operations, and Logistics. His ability to match our specific needs with high-quality candidates was consistently impressive, demonstrating his deep commitment and extensive knowledge in recruitment.

Paul’s standout qualities include his excellent communication skills, which ensured a smooth and transparent recruitment process, and his adaptability during the challenging transition from office-based to remote work during the pandemic. Under his leadership, Progresso Search became our trusted recruitment agency, significantly contributing to our company’s growth and success. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul and Progresso Search to any organization seeking a reliable and skilled recruitment partner.

David Coulter
Co-Founder at HR Heroes
I have used Paul as a Finance subject matter expert in a number of our larges scale outsourcing agreements and in specific finance headhunting where I require financial recruitment expertise. Client feedback is always extremely positive as Pual always delivery in excess if my own and my clients expectations and his expertise in the financial recruitment market is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending his services

Adam Leon
Managing Director (Over 20 Years in recruitment)
Paul is a consummate professional with a wealth of knowledge in Recruitment. He has endless amounts of energy and works flat out on everything he focuses on. He has built an impressive business and has the loyalty of his team, and has delivered on a not insubstantial challenge. It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with him, as he is also a genuinely great guy, with a few interesting stories to tell! Paul will not fail to deliver, rest assured.

Steven Burt
Sales Director at Experis IT (Formerly Elan IT)
Having worked with Paul for some time, I have had the pleasure to see him build, mould and grow and fantastic business form the ground up. Pauls results speak for themselves, as one of the companies Top performing business heads, Paul leads from the front and is a great example of where you can take your career. 
Paul truly is a thought leader and sits on various boards within the business to share vision and strategy. 
When I speak with people within in his teams they can’t say enough positive things about his management style and approach. Long may his success continue.

Kenny McAllister
Sales Director – Technology Recruitment & Outsourcing
Paul hired me at MSB. Paul is a great team-builder-motivator, and he has a knack of seeing the glass as always ‘half full’. Paul is a good networker, and is able to deliver novel and creative staffing solutions to demanding clients. I’d happily work for Paul again, or recommend him as an employer and/or recruiter!

Simon Falconer
Marketing Manager at FiveTen Group | Marketing specialist and social media enthusiast
Having worked closely with Paul over the last year I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. An ambitious and determined leader, Paul knows how to drive people and teams to achieve business results. This has been a huge benefit in helping us to drive marketing campaigns across the organisation. In addition to this, Paul is down to earth and easily approachable making it a pleasure to work with him

David Archer
Director/Headhunter – M&A and Principal Investments (Private Equity + Pension Funds) at Circle Square Talent
A good Recruitment Consultant can be measured by his or her ability to build long lasting relationships. Paul was always consistent in his approach, always offered good value-for-money, and was always very strong on service. He was adaptable with his approach and well liked by his clients.

Sophie Hall
Recruiter at BBC
Paul has been hugely successful in his career and has used this success as well as an approachable, friendly and understanding nature to motivate and inspire any team lucky enough to work for him. He is always first to the bar ready to congratulate and reward.